Financial Responsibility-Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a financial organization with their Headquarters in Chicago. The financial firm has made a name for themselves by delivering quality financial services as well as products to their broad range of customers.

Madison Street Capital has been making multifaceted financial deals for their clients. Some of the services the financial and investment group has carried out include making arrangements for Vital Care Industries which is an Illinois company.

Vital Care Industries wanted a financial partner to offer them a commercial loan in 2014 which Madison Street Capital assisted to get the best lender. The Chief Executive Officer of Vital Care was thrilled with Madison Street Capital and he said that their company has been manufacturing sterile equipment since 1984.

Madison Street Capital has an excellent management and in 2015 the company’s co-founder Anthony Marsala was among the few individuals who were selected to participate in 40 Under 40 Awards. The awards are organized to honor the young leaders who have achieved in the financial industry such as merges, as well as valuations.

Mr. Anthony is the Chief Operating Officer of the organization. He has gained vast experience of over 14 years in the financial field and he graduated with a master’s degree.

In January 2017 the firm was recognized by the Turnaround Award. The firm was recognized due to its role of restructuring carried out in 2016. Madison Street Capital had to be in the completion with more than 30 other financial organizations to win the awards.

Madison Capital does not only serve clients with financial requirements, instead, it is also involved in the humanitarian activities.

In 2011 the unfavorable weather conditions caused damages in the Midwestern and Eastern United States, and Madison Street Capital gave donations to the residents of the region. The firm also supports other non-profit organizations including; United Way, as well as American Red Cross.

Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm with their Headquarters in Chicago. The firm has been founded on the strong foundation of, honesty, leadership, superiority, as well as quality service delivery. Madison Street Capital has staff that is qualified and is skilled in the financial sector.

The firm values their clients and that is why they take every opportunity they get to distribute quality services as well as products. Madison Street Capital provides their services and products to a wide range of customers including, individuals, and corporate as well as other financial institutions.

Some of the services and products they deliver include; corporate advisory, wealth preservation and tax planning, financial opinions, valuations and financial reports, business valuation, as well as asset management industry focus. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

Over the years the firm has been in the forefront of assisting customers to realize their financial goals as well as meet their personal and long-term goals in life. For more information about Madison Street Capital, one can visit

Kate Hudson Works the Fabletics Business Model with Celebrity Appeal

Old Navy, Sports Academy, Dick’s Sporting Goods and The Sports Authority have all become very reliable sources for people that would like clothing for working out. There are people that are intrigued with these outlets, but Fabletics has become one of the most successful when it comes to athleisure clothing for women. Many women are using this website because it gives people the access to a lot of different types of garments. Kate Hudson even has her own picks on this website. That is thing that adds a dimension of personal touch. This has truly become the vehicle that has given her this competitive advantage. Some customers may wonder how she is actually going to compete with a company like Amazon. After all, Amazon is very well established in the industry. Other companies like Fabletics are new to industry.


The reality is that Fabletics has quickly become a leader in a world of athletic clothing where clothing had become very similar. Everyone seems to be doing the same thing. It is through Fabletics that customers finally get the chance to see something new and innovative. Kate Hudson is putting her spin on the active wear line. She is talking to Marie Claire about the comfort and durable clothes that her company is manufacturing. She is not taking any chances with the operations of this company. Hudson has made a decision to go toe to toe with Jeff Bezos. This is someone that is confident in her product and she knows about product placement. The physical stores are going to connect people that are in close vicinity to gyms with this clothing line. People that do not even shop online are going to be able to get the clothes through the website and offline as well. All of this has made women look at the state of the clothing industry and see what is really out there. They are tired of the same old drab clothing line. Kate Hudson is presenting something different.


Fabletics certainly has become a catalyst for the athleisure movement. She has proven that she is going to do what it takes to get her company to customers everywhere. Amazon is a worldwide sensation. That is what Kate Hudson is trying to do. She wants to build a different type of environment with Fabletics. She wants this company to have a global presence in the athletic clothing industry just like Amazon.


The thing that makes this possible is the time that she is putting in with the building of brand awareness. Kate Hudson – along with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler – have made an error to understand brand building. They know how everything works in the industry because the business model was already in place. JustFab was in place and people were familiar with the subscription service model. That would be the thing that would help this company become a leader in a way that many people may have never imagined. Kate Hudson simply added her celebrity presence.

Lori Senecal: Internationally Known

It seems like a lot of business professionals are world-renowned only in their ventures. While everyone in the industry might know who they are, common people don’t. Lori Senecal is a name that everyone should know. She represents a new breed of corporate professional; one with the skills necessary to grow any company on a global scale.

Personally, Lori Senecal is referred to as quiet and shy. Most of her colleagues and fellow advertisers have cartoonish personalities. Despite her silent behavior, she’s a hard worker with a preference of jumping from one company to another. Currently, she works at CP+B.

Her role at CP+B is Global CEO, a position the company created just for her, as well as President and CEO. She became Global CEO in 2015, but she remained President and CEO while she acclimated to her new role. She’s made tremendous contributions to the company, including introducing new technology and strategies. Check out Adweek to know more.

The new age brilliance she brings to the company is what allowed her to land American Airlines as a new client in 2015. For 25 years, American Airlines only worked TM Advertising. Thanks to Senecal’s efficient and focused efforts, CP+B snagged that account for themselves.

While her career is something amazing, everyone’s focused on her coming retirement. She’s not near retiring age and will most likely find another company to work for, but she does plan on leaving CP+B at the end of the year. According to founder and Chairman Chuck Porter, she’ll be greatly missed.

As sad as it will be to see Lori Senecal leave, Porter’s already taking the steps to ensure a smooth transition. He also talked about the incredible contributions she made to the company. He considers her a friend as much as she is a brilliant partner.

The first step is promoting the next generation of leadership. So far, Danielle Aldrich’s name keeps coming up. She was part of the team that helped Senecal land the American Airlines account. She’s also worked closely with Senecal for some time. She recently spoke at 3% conference.


These Are The Reasons People Love USHealth Advisors

USHealth Advisors is the best place to become a health insurance agent. It has a sterling BBB profile rating. It is a BBB Accredited Business, and it has an A+ rating with the BBB, which is the highest rating the BBB ever gives out. When you look at ratings that people gave USHealth Advisors on their BBB profile, you will see that it has an amazing score. It is rated 4.59 out of a possible five stars.

The BBB rating is based on a total of thirteen factors, and the length of time a business has been around is one of the important factors when it comes to determining a BBB rating. USHealth Advisors has been around for fifty seven years. Learn more about US Health Advisors:

USHealth Advisors also has the best salaries. According to Indeed, the average salary of an insurance agent is almost one hundred thousand dollars a year. For a sales representative, it is around ninety five thousand dollars.

A sales executive also gets almost one hundred thousand dollars a year. An account manager and outside sales representative both earned an average of one hundred thousand dollars a year, according to Indeed.

According to Crunchbase, the truth is that there is no limit to how much you can earn with USHealth Advisors. Your salary is entirely in your hand when you work with USHealth Advisors. That is because your salary is on a commission basis.

This means that you can plan ahead for the entire year and control what exactly you want to earn. This flexibility is exactly what people look for when they choose USHealth Advisors. Of course, it is also based on their stellar BBB rating.

Another reason is because USHealth Advisors really cares about their employees. They offer them the best training possible. They provide them with both online and offline training sessions and webinars.

They offer them the latest technology that helps them get more sales and make more money. They invest in each of their agents. There is a lot of place for advancement, and your salary can continue going up every single year if you are an agent with USHealth Advisors.

Read more: Mark Darrough USHEALTH Advisors Agent and USHealth Advisors Memphis Team


Kim Dao Says Communication Is Key For Modern Entrepreneurs

If you had told Kim Dao a decade ago she’d become one of the most popular fashion commentators on YouTube, she probably wouldn’t have believed you. When Kim Dao started her blog in 2011, she only set it up as a kind of personal diary to document her experiences in Japan. Once she saw how much organic web traffic she was attracting to her blog, however, Kim’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked into full gear.


Kim Dao started writing and recording videos on travel in Japan, fashion, and, of course, Pokémon. She later created her main YouTube page as well as her secondary Kim Dao vlog channel. Today, Kim Dao has a staggering 363,182 subscribers on her main channel and 81,438 on her vlog page.


Kim Dao credits all of her success on her excellent communication skills, especially on social media. She tries to make all of her videos and blog articles as interactive as possible and takes the time to read through all of her fans’ comments and questions.


One book Kim Dao says every aspiring entrepreneur should read is Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk. This book tells readers everything they need to know about getting the most out of social media. She also suggests listening to bloggers like Rolf Potts and Malcolm Gladwell.


Although Kim Dao loved her time working and vlogging in Tokyo, she has recently moved back to Perth, Australia. Fans can still follow Kim Dao’s adventures on YouTube as well as other social media platforms.


Kim Dao now has accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. You can also follow Kim Dao’s original blog at


Corpse Flower Blooms at Orange Coast College

Rare but stinky flower bloomed this month at Orange Coast College. The Amorphophallus titanum plant, also known as the ‘corpse flower’, was on display in the school’s administration building starting Wednesday, June 28th. The 30 pound plant, coming in at almost five feet tall, has been at the Costa Mesa college since 2006 and was nicknamed ‘Little Dougie.’ Originally from the Indonesian island of Sumatra, this endangered plant is known for its repugnant odor caused by pollinating beetles. The flower, which usually blooms in the evening, takes around a decade to make its first bloom, which lasts between 24 and 48 hours. After the initial bloom, the corpse flower blooms every three to five years.


Orange Coast College, a community college located in Orange County, California, was first founded in 1947. It provides two-year associates degrees and boasts over 20,000 undergraduate students. It is one of three in the Coast Community College District, is the third largest college in Orange County, and provides inexpensive education in the trades, licensed trades, and skilled professions. It boasts active on-campus clubs, competitive sports and recreational teams, and an involved student association.


In 2008, a new library was opened, the Lewis Science Building remodeled, and a Starbucks built in the new Art Center. It also boasts a 120-seat planetarium, and a Math, Business, and Computing Center. It has over 100 programs, ranging from Business & Computing to Visual and Performing Arts. It also offers certificate programs in aviation science, culinary arts, computer programming, childhood education, and interior design, among many others. The OCC is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges. It also has special accredidation by the American Dental Association, the Dietetic Association, and the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology.


Visit to learn more.

Dick DeVos: The Amway Heir With A Passion For Philanthropy

Richard DeVos Jr or Dick DeVos as he is more commonly referred to is the son of Richard DeVos, the founder of the multinational company, Amway. He is one of the biggest philanthropies in the country and is known for the incredible contribution that he has made to improve the country. He began his career in the international department at Amway and worked for several years there before he took over as the CEO of the company. Seeing his father work, he knew a thing or two about how to run a business. Using this knowledge, he proved to be an excellent leader for the company and was vital to the growth and development. Since he had such a strong backing in international markets, he decided to use that to his strengths and help the company expand. Under his leadership, Amway expanded to almost fifty different countries all over the world and is now a Fortune 500 company. After spending a good amount of time at the leading position in the company, he decided to step down to focus on his other ventures that he had in mind.


His philanthropic endeavors were one of the main reasons why he decided to step down. He has always been a person who wanted to help others and decided to set up the DeVos Family Foundation to fulfill this. He started this organization along with his wife Betsy DeVos, who is the current education minister of the country. Through the organization, the couple has changed the lives of numerous people, by providing them with the necessities that they need to lead a good and sustainable life. Education was one of the main aspects that the organization was formed to support. DeVos and his wife have both always believed in uplifting the education system in the country, and through the organization, can do so on a larger scale. The DeVos Family Foundation offers scholarships to students coming from underprivileged backgrounds so that they can go and seek a higher level of education in schools that are run by private owners. This allows these students to get a higher quality of education so that they can work towards a better future. DeVos also offers scholarships to students passing out of the university that he went to, especially those who have completed their MBAs. Being a businessman himself, DeVos offers scholarships to these students so that they can have the resources to start up their ventures.


DeVos is extremely patriotic and believes in working towards maintaining the natural beauty of Michigan. He has done a lot to ensure that the state’s natural resources are unharmed. He has also donated to organizations that help the environment and which are making efforts to preserve it.


Todd Lubar Predicts the Rise of Smart Homes

Todd Lubar was recently discoursing on innovation and how it can impact society and propel economies forward. Economic innovation has had demonstrably powerful effects and has initiated tremendous improvements for the lives of people across the globe. However, Lubar makes an important distinction regarding the role of government. The innovations are usually accomplished by private citizens with an entrepreneurial vision.

He gives an example from long ago, which had a major impact on improving travel. The steam engine drove decades of economic growth and vastly improved the speed and comfort of travel. These massive changes are disruptive and they also provide great new opportunities.

Technological innovation helps improve society with new goods and services. The lives of people are enriched with new products and things which can make life easier and more interesting. A good example of this is the ubiquitous cell phone. They have swept across the world and have inspired countless other tangential industries to serve customers. Innovation is reaching all corners of the globe as governments seek to be competitive in the modern world.

Innovation occurs in all major industries and some new endeavors include the constantly evolving internet, electric cars, and the explosive growth of computing technology. The Real Estate market, however, has been slower to adopt technological innovation than many other industries. Todd Lubar is an early adopter of smart technology for new homes and is helping to change this fact.

The Internet of Things is here and it makes controlling home appliances a reality with high-tech sensors being built into many home furnishings. One day everything will be wired and controlled by a smartphone or computer. Quadrant Homes builds residential homes and they are based in Seattle. They are including smart technology in all their new homes. Digital locks, keypad interfaces, automated window shades, and security features are making life easier in a Quadrant home.

Smart homes have been touted by Todd and his prediction is coming to fruition. He is the President of TDL Global Ventures and a senior Vice-President of Legendary Investments. His experience is in real estate and as an entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping people obtain their dream house and uses creative financing to make it possible.

View his full profile on Linked In and follow him on Twitter.

Mark Hutchinson and WildArk Help With Conservation

Mark Hutchinson is very comfortable showing off his wild side to everyone. The driving force of his life is his passion for wild terrains and the creatures that inhabit them. He’s the head of WildArk and leads their efforts to conserve areas that display great biodiversity. They also have as their ambition a goal to inspire people to reconnect with nature and its wild denizens.

The adventuring life placed a powerful hold on Hutchinson from an early age as he mustered sheep and rode horses every chance that he could. His native Austraila offered many opportunities to experience the wild as he grew up and he later spent a year as a Jackaroo in the far North. He spent time fishing and camping in the wilderness after graduating high school. Learn more:

A car trip along the length of Africa was his next adventurous season and he even started an adventure company called UNTAMED. So, by the age of 22, he had spent several years experiencing the best and sometimes the worst of what nature had to offer. He strongly felt there was a need to conserve wild lands and their native species and hence WildArk was born.

Hutchinson also took the time to obtain educational credentials to help him with his business endeavors. He received a Bachelor of Economics degree at the University in Sydney. He has a deep base of knowledge regarding eco-tourism and lots of practical experience in the bush. However, he felt he was lacking when speaking on the subject of conservation and needed formal academic training. He is now pursuing a Masters in Conservation to help him speak more eloquently on a subject he is most passionate about.

The term rewilding is one that Mark Hutchinson uses and it involves people reconnecting with nature and the wild kingdom. The modern lifestyle that many people enjoy sometimes makes nature recede into the background rarely to be thought of or experienced. With WildArk Hutchinson hopes to change that. He urges people to reconnect with nature in practical ways, such as planting a tree and inviting birds into the backyard via a feeder.

WildArk adventures are specially designed for the greater good of conservation and they are low impact outings to see nature in all its glory. The profits that WildArk generates goes to support lands and species protection. Learn more:

Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Creates Unique Data App

Whitney Wolfe has designed a dating app for women that let’s them be in control. She is founder and Chief Executive of Bumble the company that makes this app in Austin, Texas. In her company she only has women.

Whitney Wolfe discusses at meetings with her staff terms like ghosting or stopping contact with a romantic partner with no explanation. She reminds staff to let users know what it feels like when that happens to them. Bumble the app she created let’s women make the first move and kindness is the mantra of her company.

When your a sensitive caring women or new age guy you will like using Bumble. Whitney Wolfe designed a rival app called Tinder that she says promoted a hookup culture. This caused her to want to design an app that gave women safer and more positive dating experiences. Whitney Wolfe Founder and Chief Executive of Bumble knows the app won’t change the rules of dating immediately but hopes it makes the experience better for women.

Whitney Wolfe app features photo identification so women know they are entering a relationship with a valid person. It has security features that make it easy to report inappropriate behavior. Its abuse report rate is lower than many of its competitors. The company bars anyone that makes offensive remarks.

The main features of Bumble is is let’s the woman make the first move instead of the man. They don’t have to sit around waiting for the man to call they can be the one to call or contact them first. Whitney Wolfe says she was always a go better so even in dating she wanted to be able to make the first move.

She thinks that when women wait the Cinderella coach will turn into a pumpkin. Not all women want to make the first move or are comfortable doing it. Whitney Wolfe thinks that technology has turned the dating game into a rumble. Often when people are rejected they behave aggressively.

Bumble has 35 employees and is preparing to introduce a new networking app called Bumble Bizz and acquired Chappy an app for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: