US Money Reserve Provides Diversification Advice

In the case you don’t know what inflation is, it is when goods become more expensive and the purchasing power of a piece of currency goes down. When your parents and grandparents say, “A dollar isn’t worth what it used to be,” they are referring to inflation. There is no sure-fire way to combat inflation, but there are options to make sure you and your family are not affected by inflation in much of a negative way.


We know that inflation can lead to recession and we all know what happens during a recession. So how do you protect your family against the next inevitable recession? It is really quite simple: you diversify your dollar.


Diversification is the ultimate method of not keeping all of your eggs in one basket. There is an endless list of possibilities you can incorporate into the diversification of your liquidity, but only a few are really worth the effort.


You can invest in real estate if you have enough extra income to purchase it. Most individuals, however, do not have the cash lying around to just randomly buy up local property. If you aren’t a millionarie there are really only two options.


Investing in alternative currency like cryptocurrency and currency from other countries can be just as big of a gamble as holding on to your own nation’s cash. When you invest in bitcoin or let’s say the Euro, both of those currencies carry the same risk as the dollar bill, an inevitable crash.


That leaves only one option. You could use gold to diversify your portfolio. Gold has shown that it rises in price constantly. Even when everything else is plummeting, the price of gold remains sky-high. Gold is one of the luxuries of the common world and everyone wants it. In 10 years, bitcoin could be extinct, geopolitical issues could wipe out a normal currency, but people will still place value in gold.


About US Money Reserve


US Money Reserve is one of the worlds leaders in the sale of gold, silver, and commemorative coins. The company is lead by the former US Mint Director, Philip N Diehl, so you know that all of the products purchased from US Money Reserve are 100 percent legitimate. US Money Reserve is trusted by hundreds of thousands of clients and is rated AAA by the BCA.


Along with the former US Mint Director, US Money Reserve uses its team of experts to provide its clients with precisely what they are looking for. Whether you are looking for gold coins or silver coins, US Money Reserve has a wide variety of options.


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Investing for the Future Utilizing Rental Property

Todd Lubar is a prominent business owner in the real estate industry. Over the past few years, he has worked diligently to expand his company. Todd Lubar also owns multiple investment properties. He enjoys investing in real estate because his properties generate income each month.

Although he owns a successful company, Todd Lubar still focuses on how he can improve each day. This desire to continuously improve is one of the reasons for his massive success. Many business owners ask his advice on various topics. He is always willing to spend his time helping others.

Getting Started in Real Estate

Todd Lubar started in the real estate industry by selling homes to clients. He enjoyed the work and increased his income rapidly. However, he wanted to have more control over his schedule. When working as a real estate agent, he had to show homes at all hours of the day.

He decided to start buying rental properties with his commissions. He purchased several homes each year. He now has a massive real estate portfolio that provides a significant financial buffer in his life. Check out Inspirery to see more.

Business Tips

Todd Lubar runs a mentoring club designed to help new business owners. He firmly believes that anyone can have success running their own business. Few people have a mentor to speak with about various business issues. He enjoys helping people with their business questions.

Next Steps for Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is excited about the future. Not only is his company growing, but his investments are generating additional income. He plans to invest in several different business ideas in the coming years. With his extra income from real estate, he has the money to invest in speculative asset classes. He also plans to spend more time and money volunteering in the local community in 2018. You can visit their Instagram page.

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James Dondero Making Great Strides with The Highlands Capital Management

James Dondero is the founder of Highlands Capital Management L.P. The company was founded in 1993 by Dondero and Mark Okada. The organization offers a variety of financial solutions and alternative investment management solutions to its clients. It offers hedge funds, distress funds, separate accounts, collateralized loan obligations, mutual loans and special situations private equity. The firm deals with a number of clients including public pension plans, foundations, endowments, corporations, financial institutions, governments branches and individuals with big net worths. Read this article at

James Dondero has revolutionized the activities of Highlands Capital Management L.P firm. The company has undergone drastic changes from a single operating firm in 1993 with one of the largest financial management firms in the United States. The headquarters of the firm is currently in Dallas, Texas. However, it has a number of branches in many other countries. Some of the offices found outside the United States include New York, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Singapore, and Seoul. The company currently has over $14 billion assets that they are managing.

The great role that Highlands Capital Management in the managing the resources in the economy of the United States has been acknowledged. The Pensions & Investments presented the 2017 Best Places to Work in Money Management Award to the firm. The award was given to the firm for their exceptional role in money management industry.


The Highlands Capital Management L.P was recognized as the best place to work in was also catapulted by their unique services. The company has the best-in-class health insurance plan for its employees and clients, the daily and sumptuous meals and healthy meals that the firm provides. The firm also provides a variety of frequent firm events aimed at promoting the face of the company. The firm provides motivation to their employees and rewards the best achievements.

More about James Dondero

James Dondero is the co-founder of Highlands Capital Management. He is currently the president of the firm. With over 30 years experience in credit and equity markets, James has been a great force in the success of the firm. He is the pioneer of Collateralized Loan obligation market and advancing credit-oriented solutions for institutions and retail investors worldwide. James Dondero is also the chairman and President of NextPoint Residential Trust Inc., Cornerstone HealthCare Group Holdings and also a board member of Jernigan Capital Inc. He graduated from the University of Virginia with highest honors from the Mclntire school of Commerce majoring in accounting and finance. He is also a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Managerial Accountant. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Logan Stout And The Work He Does

Logan Stout is a business owner and he is a philanthropist. He is someone who is bringing about good changes in the world while he is also finding success for himself.

He is an author who is well-loved and he is a motivational speaker who is much sought after. He is someone who has achieved much in his life and he has much ahead of him in the future. Logan Stout is someone who helps others to build leadership skills so that they can bring about change in the world, as well. He wants to help others be successful and he wants to help them do good.

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There are some who start up a business because they are passionate about the kinds of things that their business is going to offer. Logan Stout is one of those people. He is someone who is dedicated to health and nutrition. He started IDLife with the hope of helping other people have the kinds of nutritional products that they need to live their best lives. He is someone who takes care of his own body, and he uses the products that his company creates to do that. He has shared that he starts his days with some of the products from the IDLife brand.
Brainstorming ideas can be exciting or it can be tiring. There are some who love it and some who would rather not have to do it. Logan Stout is someone who has a love for brainstorming. He has shared that he enjoys it and that he likes to put together brainstorming sessions. He likes to come together with others and see what they have to share regarding the ideas that he has. He also likes to work with others on perfecting the ideas that they have. Logan Stout enjoys the work of brainstorming and figuring out how to make ideas work.


Fabletics: Building a Brand on Mastery Reverse Showroom Concept

When Fabletics opened its doors to the activewear fashion world in 2013, it marked the beginning of a remarkable journey. This journey has seen it challenge some of the most established brands such as Amazon. Cofounded by American actress-turned entrepreneur, Kate Hudson, the brand is fast becoming a household name despite it short history. At the core of its rapid brand growth and success is the revolutionary marketing and branding ideas that the founders incorporated into its operations from the onset. The founders set out to come up with a brand that mirrors the society today; a society marked by technological development. Therefore, they innovatively designed a marketing and activewear designing system that is dependent on the actual customer tastes and preferences.


Reverse Showroom


The technique, known as reverse showroom technique, uses data collected from customer browsing history on their sites, the information they provide on their Lifestyle Quiz form they fill during membership registration and shopping history when they visit the physical stores. They then design the clothes that fit these tastes and preferences including customer size. Their stores are stocked by activewear products that are designed based on the data they have collected from their members. As a result, Fabletics is able to reduce its operational costs, which they translate into discounts. Members pay a renewable monthly fee of $50 and access the athletic leisure wear from either the company’s online store or their brick and mortar retail shops.


Revolutionizing Activewear Concept


Fabletics has built a fashion brand that appeals to all and sundry; it does not discriminate based on age or size. This has been one of the primary reasons why it has grown into a multimillion dollar brand within a short period of time. It appeals to women of all sizes and ages including millenials. It boasts of 18 brick and mortar stores and a distribution channel that extends overseas. At the center of the firm’s success is Kate Hudson who, in addition to being the brand ambassador, is actively involved its operations including marketing.


Kate’s Opinion


To Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a symbol of empowerment for women as the products are non-discriminatory to women especially on size. She is in charge of key operations at the leisurewear company. She has played a key role in bringing on board celebrities to serve as the brand ambassadors of the fashion-forward company. If you are a customer who is worried about what athleisure brand to wear for your yoga or exercise session, the Lifestyle Quiz on Fabletics’ website would be a good start.

New Brunswick is Saved by Omar Boraie

As the common people become more infuriated with the 1%, I begin to fear that there will be an uprising. I can easily picture people outside the homes of the rich CEOs with torches and pitchforks getting ready to overthrow the rich elite. While many of these greedy scumbags probably deserve it, that cannot be applied to Omar Boraie of New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Omar Boraie is the founder and current president of the Boriae Development LLC. Boraie Development LLC has committed itself to reviving New Brunswick, New Jersey.


The New Jersey Stage just released an article that told of a wonderful outreach even that Omar Boraie was responsible for. Omar reached out to the State Theater with a proposal. If they would host the event, he would be willing to sponsor a “Summer Movie Night” for families. These “Summer Movie Nights” were composed of seven Disney movies and over 7,500 people from the community were able to come out and spend time loving each other. Omar Boraie did this so that New Brunswick would begin to build a family atmosphere.


For the next forty years, Omar Boraie would continue working to turn New Brunswick from a dying community to a thriving city. An article on details several things that he has done to help this city.


Omar Boraie began by doing what he could to keep jobs in the area. He knows that people do not live where there are no jobs. People will always follow the money. Omar Boraie approached the head of Johnson and Johnson and began negotiating what was needed to keep jobs in the area. While Johnson and Johnson would have been bettered served leaving, they decided to stay and help the community. Check out their website to see more.



After Omar was able to keep jobs in the city, he knew the next step was to form a coalition that would be dedicated to reviving New Brunswick. This coalition was composed of the President of Rutgers University, the city mayor, and the head of New Brunswick Tomorrow. You can visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.


Once the coalition was formed, Omar began working toward making his city more attractive to middle-class businesses. He was able to accomplish this by building office space that was in the class A tier. He then charged astronomically less than surrounding cities. After this, he built various condo styled real-estate that allowed professionals to live close to their jobs and lower their commute.



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Fabletics Making Profits through Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction has become a major point of sales in most companies. Gone are the days when a client just took whatever they were offered and moved on. Quality is no longer determined by the price that is attached to a product, quality is determined by the experience on the ground. People are looking for the feedback that others are giving on the product at hand. If the feedback is negative, they shy away from the purchase but if the feedback is positive, they embrace it and buy it. Companies that have taken the importance of the reviews into consideration and feedback from clients and are working towards client satisfaction are rising fast in the market.

Fabletics is one of these companies. With the knowledge that clients have particular needs, they have built their brand around the need on the ground. Unlike many companies that see a product that is doing well in the market and emulate it, Fabletics took their time in researching the needs of their target client and came up with a brand suited for the clients. They take the feedback given by their clients with seriousness and this is why their revenue skyrocketed in just a few years of operation. They analyze reviews and follow up with their clients to make sure they are satisfying their needs. This has earned them customer loyalty and also improved their sales to a great extent.

Kate Hudson who is a known actress joined the company to be the representative on the ground. As a co-founder, she brought her people’s skills and her lovable personality to help with customer relations. She has grown their presence in the market on ground and online. She interacts with the clients to find out what they want and she tries to implement them in their brand. Fabletics created a brand that is affordable, fashionable and comfortable for women who wanted to maintain an active lifestyle. Fabletics was feeling in the gap that was currently been felt in the market when it came to activewear for women. Kate focused her energy on aligning the customer service department as she understood the importance of management of their clients. A happy client will always come back. Further to that, she came up with a lifestyle quiz where the clients could log in and fill in their details so that the preferred goods could be recommended for them. Fabletics is working towards getting better and bigger at their line of work.

Kate, the company’s face, came into the business to help it grow and since then she has worked tirelessly to help it move in the right direction. She is an actor but still focuses on growing the business at Fabletics. Kate Hudson is determined to work towards empowering women through the activewear that they offer. They want to empower women of all sizes and shapes to feel at their very best as they work towards living healthily. Fabletics is not only determined to make more revenue but also ensuring their clients are inspired and motivated.

Michael Lacey’s Eminent Career as a Mathematician

Michael Lacey is certainly one of the most renowned mathematicians of the 20th and 21st Centuries, and his exceptional understanding of mathematical concepts has earned him an impeccable reputation among mathematicians. His exquisite dexterity and aptness in mathematics can be attributed to his remarkable educational background.

Born on 26th September, 1959, Michael Lacey is a well-schooled individual who scaled all the levels of academia. He ultimately went to the University of Illinois and received his PhD in 1987.

Michael Lacey authored a thesis exclusively centred upon the Banach Spaces, and it culminated into solving an iterated logarithm law-related problem. He further delved into authoring works regarding Harmonic Analysis and the Ergodic Theory.

Michael Lacey has made a series of achievements throughout his impressive career in the mathematical realm. To begin with, in conjunction with Christoph Thiele, Michael Lacey solved the Bilinear Hilbert Transform in 1996, and was consequently awarded the Salem Prize. It was during this period that Michael Lacey received a National Science Foundation (NSF) Postdoctoral Fellowship while at the Indiana University.

Michael Lacey is also renowned for giving the proof for the Central Limit Theorem together with his counterpart, Walter Philip, while holding Postdoctoral positions at the University of North Carolina. Michael Lacey has also served at the Georgia Institute of Technology as a Professor of Mathematics since 1996.

Michael Lacey also worked with Xiaochun Li in 2004 and received a Guggenheim Fellowship. Additionally, Michael Lacey received an American Mathematical Society Fellowship in 2012.

It is judicious to always give credit where it is due; on this breath, it suffices to state that Michael Lacey is an exceptional mathematician whose mathematical prolificacy has been felt by many undergraduate and postgraduate students who he has always mentored.

Michael Lacey’s excellence as a mathematician has given him a reputation of an ‘Albert-Einstein Incarnate’.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Means The World To Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is currently the President of Banco Bradesco, a financial institution that’s larger than all such businesses in Brazil, with the exception of only one competitor – Itau Unibanco, which has only been in existence since 2009.

Mr. Trabuco first went to the University of Sao Paulo – he was highly dedicated to success at this time, traveling more than five hours away from his home in Marilia, moving west to earn a good degree – and studied philosophy. Next on the list of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was earning a postgraduate degree, in the closely-related field of sociopsychology.

Although most bank executives – really, most bank employees, regardless of their rank – earn degrees in business, like finance, accounting, or economics, Mr. Trabuco found a position so easily as a bank teller in 1969, because his manager felt his training in these two fields would as a social lubricant and cause him to perform both objectively and relatively well as a bank teller in Marilia.

Plus, because he grew up in Marilia, Bradesco didn’t have a very tough decision to make; it would be easy for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to talk to virtually anyone that was a native from the Marilia area.

Mr. Trabuco has worked hard enough to be the recipient of a number of awards throughout his career. One of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s most recent accolades is the Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance, awarded to him in 2015 by Isto E Dinheiro, a financial news media source that’s likely known as one of the most popular in all of Brazil.

Conversely, one of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s oldest awards is the Personality of the Year in Insurance and Pension, given to Mr. Trabuco by Sincor-SP in 2003.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was given this award the same year Bradesco took over HSBC Bank’s retail unit in Brazil, which consisted of well over $1 billion in assets. Although Banco Bradesco ended up paying approximately $6.2 billion for the rights to everything HSBC Bank owned in the entirety of Brazil, the acquisition was a good idea for the bank because another financial institution could have come along and “stole” the transaction from Bradesco’s mind.


Further, the acquisition grew the bank quite a bit, even though its growth was slightly disproportionate to the six-plus billion dollars it wisely forked over. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi revealed in an interview in 2015 that the transaction brought approximately six years’ worth of organic growth to the bank. Rather than having to build any assets – buildings, automated teller machines, advertising billboards, etc. – from the ground-up, the hundreds of branches HSBC had laying around Brazil took lots of pressure regarding immediate extended presence throughout the nation.

This came just six years after Itau Unibanco became the largest bank in all of Brazil, forming a merger between Unibanco and Banco Itau. Before this 2009 deal closed, Bradesco was the largest such bank in Brazil, a title that it’s held numerous times since it was founded in 1943.

Mr. Trabuco is all known for creating a university within Banco Bradesco that is still used today to instruct employees on how to best do their jobs. While many people, including Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi himself, attend or attended outside educational institutions outside of secondary school, Bradesco makes it possible for applicants to forego external colleges, and simply take the courses that Bradesco’s internal university has to offer.

This corporate university, which has since become commonplace throughout banks all across Brazil, was created mainly by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi after he became Chief Executive Officer in 2009.

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The Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide – 3 Things You Must Do When You Visit Napa

Napa is one of those places that will truly leave you breathless. Its so beautiful in fact that its very difficult to describe it with words. If you plan on visiting Napa in the near feature, here are 3 things you absolutely must do:

Visit The Napa Art Walk Exhibition

Are you a fan of 3D art? If so you will love the Napa Art Walk Exhibition. It is a very popular event that features work from some of the most creative minds in the country. Be sure to take your wallet as you are sure to see something that catches your eye.

Take A Trip Through History At The Napa Valley Historical Society

History buffs this one is for you. If you’re the type of person who loves digging up the past the Napa Valley Historical Society is where you want to be. While there you will be able to see what Napa Valley looked like over a hundred years ago. You will also be able to see what type of people settled into the area when it was first becoming known as its own little city. They offer both tours and lectures on a regular basis. Be sure to sign up so you can experience the history of Napa like never before.

Enjoy Some Olives At The Round Pond Estate

The soil in Napa does much more than produce grapes for wine. It is also know for its ability to produce some of the best olives on the Earth. And no we are not exaggerating. Round Pond Estates uses old school techniques to produce world class quality olives that you won’t find anywhere else. If you want to get an up close and personal look at how olive oils and craft oils are produced, be sure to check out one of their guided tours.

What Is A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide?

A Traveling Vineyard Wine guide is someone who plans wine tastings for various clients. For the most part these individuals will be wine enthusiasts and eager to taste the various wines that Napa has to offer.

As a guide you will have the freedom and flexibility to create your own schedule. That means the amount of money you make is totally up to you. You can make as little or as much as you want. To learn more about becoming a Traveling Vineyard Wine guide visit