New Securus Technologies Technology Successfully Launches

Who Are The Leaders In Inmate Technology


Established in 1975, the Securus Technologies, CEO, Rick Pickens has contributed his education and experience to continue to lead the daily operations of the largest inmate calling provider in North America. Their technology is designed to help their customers save money, time, and communicate over a secure network. Securus employees over 20,000+ employees with a high level of customer support and telecommunication security. Enjoy features that are available exclusively on their website with descriptive tabs of their customers minimized fees for their integrated design model for telecommunications features.


Securus Technologies Executives


Rick Pickens, professional businessman, and CEO, is a graduate of the University of Illinois. He has used his combined expertise any education to design new telecommunication models for Securus. For example, their crime prevention measures have been a success. They have been able to reduce illegal inmate trading by 26%. Get the best from your network provider, then you need to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility with Securus. Pickens says, its important to have your customers with input for your designed telecommunication model. They understand their customers are the ones actually use the service and benefit the most from technology advanced telecommunications.


Securus Technologies: Wireless Containment


Wireless containment technology from Securus gives remote access technology to correctional facilities to stop the threat of illegal cellphone use. There is no need to add extra workers to the facility to use their wireless containment technology. In fact, law enforcement personnel will continue to have access to their wireless connection unless otherwise authorized by a facility. They also help the facility focus on more important daily operations and ensure the continued safety of inmates and employees.


Securus Technologies: GovPayNet Technology


Securus has acquired tie GovPayNet technology to process faster payments for their employees. GovPayNet is one of the largest credit and debit card processing providers in the network. Your financial information is encrypted over a secure network. Their financial guarantee from Securus also backs any transactions performed under the GovPayNet technology.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Photos


Inmate photos allow them to receive up to 5 facility approved photographs. You can stop by and say hello with a simple photo. They’ll love receiving pictures from family and friends.


Remote Visitation


Visit the ones you love in a facility over tie internet for a small fee. You must have a compatible device and download the Securus Technologies visitation app. Get a clear picture and optimum sound with remote visits.


Go directly to the Securus Technologies website for more details on your new or existing account today.


Securus Technologies Takes A Stand Against GTL

The technology industry has many companies that compete for customers and revenue. Although the competition can get rough, most of the companies keep the competition from getting out of hand. The competition is just business. However, there are some companies where competition goes beyond just business.


Two companies that have issues between the companies is Securus Technologies and GTL. The two companies have gone back and forth on several occasions regarding different issues. Both companies feel that the other company is always at fault, and both companies feel that it is better than the other company.


Securus Technologies decided to try to put an end to the competition between the two companies by sending out a press releases challenging GTL to a technology showdown. Securus Technologies wants to use an independent judge to determine which of the two companies has the better technology products and services. In the press release, Securus Technologies listed numerous reasons why it feels that Securus Technologies has the better products and services.


GTL has not responded to the challenge made by Securus Technologies. GTL has remained silent concerning the technology showdown request made by Securus Technologies. I think that GTL is not in a hurry to accept any challenges from Securus Technologies because a lost or bad showing in a challenge could result in bad PR. Securus Technologies is ready to compete against GTL, but the challenge may never happen. I do not think that GTL will accept the challenge.


Securus Technologies provides numerous technology related products and services to safety organizations such as corrections, public safety, and law enforcement. The company also provides technology related products and services to inmates.