Betsy DeVos: A Pioneer Reinventing the Education System

Betsy DeVos, the current U.S Secretary of Education, is a woman with impressive credentials, and throughout her life, she has displayed a genuine desire to improve the education system for the youth of this country. DeVos is an activist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and most importantly, she is now at the helm of solving the declining education system our country faces today. Born into a wealthy family, DeVos has used her standing to advocate for better education from an early age. Her mother was a public-school teacher, so she witnessed the inequity and poor quality of the education system first-hand. As a result, she decided to become actively involved in improving this for all of America’s youth. Visit the website U.S. Department of Education to know more.

DeVos’s contribution to charity and improvement of education is endless. She is the chairman of the Windquest Group, an organization that funds developments in technology, manufacturing and clean energy. She is also the chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which invests money in hospitals, health research, arts organizations and schools. In 2015 alone, the foundation donated more than 11.6 million dollars to these causes. She is also a member of various boards, including the DeVos Institute for Arts Management, Kids Hope USA, and the Foundation for Excellence in Education.

The plight of equal opportunity and quality in education is critical to Secretary DeVos for a host of reasons. A Michigan native, DeVos worked as a mentor for students in the Grand Rapids area. This strengthened her resolve to provide quality education for all children, regardless of income or background. She is an ardent supporter of school choice, which I think is critical to the success of the education for generations to come. Over the past several decades, the United States government has consistently increased spending on public schools, however, student performance has consistently declined. School choice grants parents of lower socioeconomic backgrounds the same opportunities. For instance, a child from an urban, low-income family could attend the same school as a wealthy child. The government allocates money to that school, rather than the public school. This is beneficial on different levels. First, it gives the low-income child the same quality of education as a wealthy child, but it also ensures accountability. This, in my opinion, has been the major downfall of our education system in this country. Teachers in the public-school system with tenure are nearly impossible to remove from the school system, regardless of skill, performance or ability. With school choice, the funds that would have gone to the public school, now go to the school that the parents choose for their child. This forces the public school to up their standards if they want to continue to receive more money. Betsy Devos is a staunch advocate for this, and through her new position as Secretary of Education, she intends to implement these policies to empower our youth with the safest and highest quality of education possible. Visit to know more about Betsy.

End Citizens United continues its mission for campaign finance reform

Campaign finance reform has been a topic of heated debate for the past several decades with the most controversial Supreme Court ruling coming within the past few years. In 2010 the Supreme Court ruled that corporations had the same rights as people when it came to their campaign contributions, such as the right to donate an unlimited amount of money without having to disclose such information. This ruling has disturbed many as corporations have much more capital to donate to their candidate of choice compared to the average citizen, and from there End Citizens United was born. End Citizens United is a political action committee or PAC, who’s objective is to bring their name into existence and have an amendment passed that will reverse this courts decision. They have partnered with ” Ready for Hillary” in order to reach out to others who share their beliefs. Although the organizations…The goal of this group is not only to bring information to the public but also help candidates who support campaign finance reform get elected into office so they can effect change. So far this organization has raised $4 million in donations this year and is projected to raise over $35 million in time for 2018 mid-term elections. They have also helped to raise $500,000 for political newcomer, Democratic John Ossof’s campaign as he seeks to fill the vacant congressional seat in the Suburban Atlanta area. An impressive feat as the average donation received is between $12 and $15. These donations come from those who feel that corporations will use their increasing donations to take congressional focus away from their constituents and use it for their own purposes. While others who believe and campaign finance reform want to emphasize a grass-roots initiative for change, End Citizens United is doing much more than that by putting their money where their mouth is by backing and supporting candidates who are going to initiate the change that they are seeking. End Citizens United is calling to all people who feel like their voices should be heard not just because of how much they donated to a campaign but because they are citizens and their congressman or woman is supposed to answer to them not big box corporations.