Mark Hutchinson and WildArk Help With Conservation

Mark Hutchinson is very comfortable showing off his wild side to everyone. The driving force of his life is his passion for wild terrains and the creatures that inhabit them. He’s the head of WildArk and leads their efforts to conserve areas that display great biodiversity. They also have as their ambition a goal to inspire people to reconnect with nature and its wild denizens.

The adventuring life placed a powerful hold on Hutchinson from an early age as he mustered sheep and rode horses every chance that he could. His native Austraila offered many opportunities to experience the wild as he grew up and he later spent a year as a Jackaroo in the far North. He spent time fishing and camping in the wilderness after graduating high school. Learn more:

A car trip along the length of Africa was his next adventurous season and he even started an adventure company called UNTAMED. So, by the age of 22, he had spent several years experiencing the best and sometimes the worst of what nature had to offer. He strongly felt there was a need to conserve wild lands and their native species and hence WildArk was born.

Hutchinson also took the time to obtain educational credentials to help him with his business endeavors. He received a Bachelor of Economics degree at the University in Sydney. He has a deep base of knowledge regarding eco-tourism and lots of practical experience in the bush. However, he felt he was lacking when speaking on the subject of conservation and needed formal academic training. He is now pursuing a Masters in Conservation to help him speak more eloquently on a subject he is most passionate about.

The term rewilding is one that Mark Hutchinson uses and it involves people reconnecting with nature and the wild kingdom. The modern lifestyle that many people enjoy sometimes makes nature recede into the background rarely to be thought of or experienced. With WildArk Hutchinson hopes to change that. He urges people to reconnect with nature in practical ways, such as planting a tree and inviting birds into the backyard via a feeder.

WildArk adventures are specially designed for the greater good of conservation and they are low impact outings to see nature in all its glory. The profits that WildArk generates goes to support lands and species protection. Learn more: