Lori Senecal: Internationally Known

It seems like a lot of business professionals are world-renowned only in their ventures. While everyone in the industry might know who they are, common people don’t. Lori Senecal is a name that everyone should know. She represents a new breed of corporate professional; one with the skills necessary to grow any company on a global scale.

Personally, Lori Senecal is referred to as quiet and shy. Most of her colleagues and fellow advertisers have cartoonish personalities. Despite her silent behavior, she’s a hard worker with a preference of jumping from one company to another. Currently, she works at CP+B.

Her role at CP+B is Global CEO, a position the company created just for her, as well as President and CEO. She became Global CEO in 2015, but she remained President and CEO while she acclimated to her new role. She’s made tremendous contributions to the company, including introducing new technology and strategies. Check out Adweek to know more.

The new age brilliance she brings to the company is what allowed her to land American Airlines as a new client in 2015. For 25 years, American Airlines only worked TM Advertising. Thanks to Senecal’s efficient and focused efforts, CP+B snagged that account for themselves.

While her career is something amazing, everyone’s focused on her coming retirement. She’s not near retiring age and will most likely find another company to work for, but she does plan on leaving CP+B at the end of the year. According to founder and Chairman Chuck Porter, she’ll be greatly missed.

As sad as it will be to see Lori Senecal leave, Porter’s already taking the steps to ensure a smooth transition. He also talked about the incredible contributions she made to the company. He considers her a friend as much as she is a brilliant partner.

The first step is promoting the next generation of leadership. So far, Danielle Aldrich’s name keeps coming up. She was part of the team that helped Senecal land the American Airlines account. She’s also worked closely with Senecal for some time. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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