Online Reputation Management is Good For Potential Employees As Well As Businesses

When people think about online reputation management, they tend to think about companies that are trying to manage their image. However, there is more to online reputation management than a business owner dealing with the corporate image. These days, it is important for one to have a solid online reputation before he can even get a job. A ton of HR companies are required to look online at the candidate before deciding to hire the individual. This is why it is important for one to look at his online reputation and make sure that he is only getting good results.

With all of the mentions of any given individual throughout the internet, it is impossible for one to actually take care of his online reputation all on his own. Therefore, it is important for him to find some tools that will help him catch every mention of him and make sure that he is able to decide whether or not they are worth responding to. In cases of mentions that warrant a response, it is important for the person to think things through before responding. One thing that he does not want to do is get thrown into the mud with the person.

According to, one of the best ways to handle online reputation is for one to find an online reputation management agency that can help him. He just has to sign up and get a consultation so that he can know how to move forward with his project. Then all he has to do is follow through on his plans so that he can make the needed adjustments to his online reputation. With a good online reputation management plan, he is going to be powerful in making himself employable. That way, businesses can feel comfortable with him working for them.

Securus Technologies Takes A Stand Against GTL

The technology industry has many companies that compete for customers and revenue. Although the competition can get rough, most of the companies keep the competition from getting out of hand. The competition is just business. However, there are some companies where competition goes beyond just business.


Two companies that have issues between the companies is Securus Technologies and GTL. The two companies have gone back and forth on several occasions regarding different issues. Both companies feel that the other company is always at fault, and both companies feel that it is better than the other company.


Securus Technologies decided to try to put an end to the competition between the two companies by sending out a press releases challenging GTL to a technology showdown. Securus Technologies wants to use an independent judge to determine which of the two companies has the better technology products and services. In the press release, Securus Technologies listed numerous reasons why it feels that Securus Technologies has the better products and services.


GTL has not responded to the challenge made by Securus Technologies. GTL has remained silent concerning the technology showdown request made by Securus Technologies. I think that GTL is not in a hurry to accept any challenges from Securus Technologies because a lost or bad showing in a challenge could result in bad PR. Securus Technologies is ready to compete against GTL, but the challenge may never happen. I do not think that GTL will accept the challenge.


Securus Technologies provides numerous technology related products and services to safety organizations such as corrections, public safety, and law enforcement. The company also provides technology related products and services to inmates.



The Top Paid Executive Anthony Petrello Of Nabors Industries Ltd

Anthony Petrello is not an ordinary businessman. Coming from a humble family background, he managed to carve a bright future in a tricky corporate world.

Back in college, he was a smart mathematician student and at one point even became a protégé of a world-renowned mathematician, Prof. Serge Lang. He, however, opted to pursue law instead of mathematics.

He attended Harvard Law School and graduated with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. His passion for mathematics led him to enroll at Yale University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in mathematics. He enrolled back at Yale University in a master program and graduated with a Master of Science in mathematics.

After graduating from Harvard Law School, Petrello started working at a law firm in 1979, Baker & McKenzie and served as a Managing Partner between 1986 and 1991 in their New York Offices. In 1991, he joined Nabors Exchangeco (Canada) Inc. and served as the Chief Operating Officer. In 1992, Petrello served as the President of Nabors Exchangeco Inc. Due to his hard work and dedication, he became Nabors Industries Ltd.’s Deputy Chairman, and he worked from 2003 to 2012. In October 2011, he was finally made the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. He has also served on several boards. In 2012, he was appointed and served as Director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC, which designs and manufactures equipment to be used in the oil and gas industries.

He also served as a Director of He is currently serving as Director of Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc.

By 2014, he was named as the highly paid executive in the U.S. In 2015, Nabors published financial data that showed Petrello receiving a compensation of over $27 million. The payment was divided into several categories. His salary was a total of $1,580,077. An amount of $7,727,000 was given as a bonus, and he received $16,863,656 as stock. An addition of $1,342,206 was recorded as other forms of compensation. The total amount paid as compensation was $27,512,939 which placed him at the top of the list of the most paid executives in the U.S..