Supportive Innovacare Health under Penelope Kokkinides and Richard Shinto

InnovaCare Health is based in North America, and it is a leading provider of managed healthcare services. The incorporation offers these services through the significant avenues of care being provider networks and Medicare Advantage. They are dedicated to healthcare that is of quality by creating models that are sustainable, affordable and fully incorporated with progressive technologies. With InnovaCare, they value the patients, and therefore they put them first and therefore offer quality medical attention which is the primary purpose. Additionally, the kind of relationships they develop with the health service providers ensure that the patients receive a pathway to living healthy lives. Innovation as well is vital for InnovaCare and in that case, the medical practices and networks they engage in ensuring that the services offered are up to date in regards to technology. Therefore, the incorporation does not leave anything to chance when attending to patients.


Puerto Rico is a big beneficiary of InnovaCare Health as it has received $4 million in support of healthcare. Additionally, the residents in Puerto Rico are under the MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare choice plans that have a network of over 7,500 providers who deliver the services to more than 200,000 people. The incorporation is run under the management of Penelope Kokkinides who is the Chief Administrative Officer with Richard Shinto who serves as the president and Chief Executive Officer. Under her leadership, Penelope Kokkinides has had the chance to meet up with President Donald Trump alongside other influential women in the field of healthcare. On her part, she represented Puerto Rico in the discussion presented whereby she pushed for increased funding for Medicare Advantage which would benefit the citizens, especially in the local areas.


InnovaCare Health has played a crucial role in ensuring that the population in Puerto Rico gains access to healthcare mostly after most doctors abandoned them for greener pastures in more developed areas. Apart from healthcare, the organization also offers humanitarian relief to the communities, and they as well provide them trips to and from health facilities for free. By so doing, they have helped save lives as most people could not access these facilities due to lack of means of transport. Therefore, InnovaCare has become popular among the Puerto Ricans who appreciate their effort to help them live healthy lives irrespective of the current situations. The incorporation as well liaises with the government in offering these services as they need all the support they can get to offer the people the best. The existence of a Government health Plan means that the people’s welfare is in check all thanks to InnovaCare Health.


Betsy DeVos: Fighting for a Better Future for America’s Children

When you are in school, did you have a favorite teacher? What were some of the things that made you appreciate their teaching method? There is no doubt that if you have a favorite teacher in school, they stood out for you in a meaningful way. On that same note, if you had a teacher that was definitely not a favorite, it is safe to assume that they were detrimental to your educational career in one way or another. Having a quality instructor makes all the difference when it comes to retaining information. With that being said, it is also worth noting that the actual educational environment can play a huge role in how students retain information that they have been given. Unfortunately, with the public school system in the United States, there is a lack of quality talent and quality atmosphere. This leaves many students in the dust when it comes to their counterparts, who are able to learn a little easier. Shouldn’t it be a more fair environment? Shouldn’t children feel as though the education process is exciting and fun?


Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos believes that children should have every opportunity to take advantage of their educational prospects. She believes this so passionately that she has been an outspoken supporter of the school choice movement. School choice simply means that parents are able to send their children to the educational institutions of their own choosing, instead of being sent to an institution that has been arbitrarily assigned to them based on their ZIP Code. Unfortunately, the system is not fair because sometimes students are being assigned to institutions that are, for lack of a better word, failing. When it comes to your child’s education, why would you want to take the risk of sending them somewhere where they’re not going to get the best education possible.


Betsy DeVos believes that many parents are passionate about this particular process, but they don’t feel like they are necessarily empowered to do anything about it. With school choice, Betsy DeVos is showing America that there is an empowerment available for them to make those choices. So, what are these alternative educational institutions? Well, the traditional alternative choices would be to send your child to a local charter school or private school, but that is not the only options that you might have. Increasingly more parents are electing to keep their children home and participate in a homeschooling type of environment or a hybrid environment where they attend a virtual classroom every single day. The possibilities are endless, and with a more enlightened Secretary of Education like Betsy DeVos, the parents of America can feel safer making these types of decisions. Her career in the education system has been expansive and largely centered on this type of movement. While it can be daunting to look at changing such an ancient and massive system, Betsy DeVos appreciates the type of challenge that will be waiting for her as she continues this journey to a better future for America’s children.


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Anthony Petrello Throws A Party To Welcome Tommy Tune

About Tony Petrello
Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia recently held a cocktail party that was aimed at welcoming the talented Houston made Tommy Tune. The event incorporated 50 guests who sipped the cocktail, enjoyed the music as the trolled around the spectacular Petrello mansion.

Tony said that he decided to hold the party in respect of Tommy Tune who is a talented performing artist and who is adored by the people of Houston. It is crucial to note that although Tommy lives in New York, he has spent most of his time in Houston, Texas. In fact, he natured his talent from Houston Texas. His success began when he gave a spectacular performance on Broadway. Tommy has studied and graduated from his high school and college from Texas.

Despite success in his career, Tommy Tune still remembers his deep roots in Texas. He offers scholarships to the talented high school students via the Tommy Tune Awards. Due to such reasons, Tony Petrello decided to throw a cocktail party in his honor.

Cynthia Petrello is a fashion enthusiast. Moreover, she is a stage and television actress. Despite her career, she offers philanthropic services and has scooped several awards.

Tony Petrello is the current president, chief executive, and the chair of the Nabors Industries. The Firm is known due to its incredible performance in the production of geothermal energy and natural gas. Mr. Petrello has been a principal figure in establishing the success of Nabors Industries. He joined the firm in 1991 as the chief operations officer. He did a spectacular job as the COO and was later promoted to the president of the firm in 2001. He continued to register growth as the president and elected deputy chair of the board. In 2012, Nabors Industries selected Tony as the President, chief executive, and the chair of the board of directors.

Apart from his essential positions at Nabors Industries, he currently serves as the director of Texas Children Hospital and Stewart & Stevenson, LLC.

Tony is qualified since he graduated with a J.D degree from the Harvard School of Law. He also holds a bachelor’s and Masters degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia spend most of their earnings in charity organizations. They both believe in the philosophy of giving back to the Houston residents. They created their own registered non-profit humanitarian group called the Petrello Family Foundation. The organization devotes its resources to provide for the needy children of Texas.

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Banking in Dallas

Nexbank is a company that is expanding. Based in Dallas, Nexbank has enjoyed the economic growth in the surrounding areas over the past few years. Nexbank is a bank that offers numerous financial services to clients. The bank gets excellent reviews from clients who enjoy the friendly customer service and positive corporate culture.

Many banks around the country are struggling to attract customers. Few people want to conduct business with national banks. Various scandals have shaken the confidence of customers in the banking industry. Despite all of those issues, Nexbank continues to grow. The leaders of the company are excited about the future.


Lending is the most significant source of revenue for most banks. With the strong real estate market in Dallas, Nexbank develops multiple lending products for home buyers each year. Many people enjoy working with Nexbank because the application process for a loan is relatively easy. At some banks, applying for a loan takes many hours. Nexbank has an online portal that customers can utilize.

Business Lending

Another primary income source for Nexbank is small business lending. With the growing economy in Dallas, the company lends millions of dollars to small business owners each year. Numerous people are moving to Dallas from other parts of the country. Texas does not have a state income tax, and many business owners can save a ton of money by operating in Dallas.

Future Goals

The leaders of Nexbank have many goals. Although the bank is growing, the company must continue to help customers to succeed. Nexbank is planning to build another location in the Dallas area to help more clients. An additional site would be more convenient for many customers, and it would help the bank increase both sales and profits. The future is bright for Nexbank and the city of Dallas.

Boraie Development, A Global Leader in Real Estate Development

Newark, NJ is the first skyscraper building in over 50 years in New Jersey. The apartment building has a name familiar to sports fans attached to it: Shaquille O’Neal. Recently, the Newark native and NBA Hall of Famer joined stakeholders and elected bureaucrats for a top-off event at One Rector Street, also known as Shaq Tower. The event symbolically completed the main construction project, situated in the downtown area of the city. Once completed, the Shaq Tower will hold a million square feet of space, ground-floor retail space, as well as 169 rental units.


The top-off event also included attendances from Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, Governor Phil Murphy, Carmelo Garcia, the Acting Deputy Mayor and Director of Economic and Housing Development, Margaret Anadu, the Urban Investment Group head, Boraie Development and Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group Managing Director.


According to Sam Boraie, the $79 million building is scheduled to open before the year comes to an end. The residents will be in a position to apply for leases as early as September 2018. This project is a private-public partnership between the state, O’Neal, the city of Newark, the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group, and Boraie Development based in New Brunswick. According to, the project received a $24 million from the Economic Development Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit in New Jersey Department.


O’Neal also announced the plans to invest in a 35-story building on McCarter Highway, costing $150 million, a one-two combo which he hopes will assist in revitalising the real estate landscape of his hometown.

With its headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Sam Boraie provides services covering the entire aspects of the modern real estate industry. These services include real estate development, property management, as well as sales and marketing of properties. The company’s professional team strives to achieve excellence and sustainability when carrying out various development projects. Sam team works in collaboration with contractors, financial institutions, and architects to achieve this objective. You can visit to see more.



Boraie Development is popularly known for its committing capital, vision, and reliability in every form of real estate undertaking. The company is among the most popular developers in New Jersey due to its experience of more than thirty years. Boraie Development executes all the property management services it offers with remarkable detail. The firm’s sales and marketing groups develop thrilling adverts to ensure that the customers know the channels they can use when looking for real-estate solutions. For more detail you can checkout

Scott Rocklage Helps Lead Medical Research Effort

Myotonic dystrophy type 1 is a medical condition that has brought on much concern in recent years. The condition causes the muscles to stop functioning properly due to high toxins in a person’s RNA. Due to the significance of this condition, there have been a number of healthcare companies that have looked to find a cure. One of the companies that is currently leading the effort in finding a cure for this condition is Expansion Therapeutics. The company has looked to raise money in order to fund medical research. Fortunately for Expansion Therapeutics, a number of other companies have joined the effort in order to help raise money to help cure myotonic dystrophy type 1. So far, over $55 million has been raised.


One of the companies that is aiding Expansion Therapeutics is 5AM Ventures. One of the top executives of the company Scott Rocklage has been very determined to help find a cure for myotonic dystrophy type 1. He has announced that a medical researcher named Dr. Disney will be leading the effort to help find a cure for this condition. Dr. Disney will spend time finding out more about the condition as well as what can be done to help either treat and/or eliminate the condition altogether. With the efforts made by Dr. Disney, a cure for myotonic dystrophy will eventually be discovered and developed in the near future.


Scott Rocklage is the current Managing partner of 5AM Ventures. At this firm, he provides the overall strategy and direction of the company. Over the course of his career, he has been able to help manage the company and lead a number of medication developments. During his career, Scott has helped get a number of key medications approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. He has also gotten a number of other medications submitted for trial. With his efforts, there have been a number of breakthrough developments of beneficial medications. As well as leading the development of important medications, Scott has also been able to use his expertise to make 5AM Ventures one of the more successful healthcare companies in the world.


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Ways the Brown Modeling Agency Helps Their Models

Since the Brown Modeling Agency started, they’ve done what they can to help their models. They know their models are an important part of the business and without them, they wouldn’t be successful. They also know the models need to have a company that looks out for them since there are so many companies that are out to get them. The Brown Modeling Agency wants to be the difference in helping people and trying to make things harder on them. They also want them to know there are things they can do that will allow them the chance to make things easier.


For the Brown Agency, the point of trying to give people the chance at a better life is what they need to do. The models need to have a better life and people need to know there are things they can do that will help them. For models to understand how hard the agency works, they need to know there are things that will make a difference. The Brown Modeling Agency also needs to know how they can help their models. Models are important and without happy models the Brown Modeling Agency will fail. Check out their website



There are other modeling agencies in the same area. They don’t do things like the Brown Modeling Agency does. In fact, they are not as good as the Brown Modeling Agency in any way. They don’t have the right clients, they don’t have a lot of models and they don’t profit the same way the Brown Modeling Agency does. They spend their time working to be as good as the Brown Modeling Agency, but they sometimes struggle to get the help they need. If the Brown Modeling Agency knows what they’re doing, people will see how successful the company is so the models can make a better choice for their business.


Even though there are other modeling agencies in Austin, the Brown Modeling Agency knows they’re among the best. The people they help are grateful for the opportunities they have and the models know they work for a great agency. Not every agency treats their models the way the Brown Modeling Agency does. They know they have to make things better so they can try to give people the choices they need. As long as the Brown Modeling Agency is profiting, they know their models are successful. They also know there are things they can do that will allow them the chance to make their own lives better. For the Brown Modeling Agency, helping models is a necessary part of the business. Without happy models, they couldn’t get the jobs they do. Clients like them because of their happy models and the positive experience they get from working with the Brown Modeling Agency.



New Securus Technologies Technology Successfully Launches

Who Are The Leaders In Inmate Technology


Established in 1975, the Securus Technologies, CEO, Rick Pickens has contributed his education and experience to continue to lead the daily operations of the largest inmate calling provider in North America. Their technology is designed to help their customers save money, time, and communicate over a secure network. Securus employees over 20,000+ employees with a high level of customer support and telecommunication security. Enjoy features that are available exclusively on their website with descriptive tabs of their customers minimized fees for their integrated design model for telecommunications features.


Securus Technologies Executives


Rick Pickens, professional businessman, and CEO, is a graduate of the University of Illinois. He has used his combined expertise any education to design new telecommunication models for Securus. For example, their crime prevention measures have been a success. They have been able to reduce illegal inmate trading by 26%. Get the best from your network provider, then you need to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility with Securus. Pickens says, its important to have your customers with input for your designed telecommunication model. They understand their customers are the ones actually use the service and benefit the most from technology advanced telecommunications.


Securus Technologies: Wireless Containment


Wireless containment technology from Securus gives remote access technology to correctional facilities to stop the threat of illegal cellphone use. There is no need to add extra workers to the facility to use their wireless containment technology. In fact, law enforcement personnel will continue to have access to their wireless connection unless otherwise authorized by a facility. They also help the facility focus on more important daily operations and ensure the continued safety of inmates and employees.


Securus Technologies: GovPayNet Technology


Securus has acquired tie GovPayNet technology to process faster payments for their employees. GovPayNet is one of the largest credit and debit card processing providers in the network. Your financial information is encrypted over a secure network. Their financial guarantee from Securus also backs any transactions performed under the GovPayNet technology.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Photos


Inmate photos allow them to receive up to 5 facility approved photographs. You can stop by and say hello with a simple photo. They’ll love receiving pictures from family and friends.


Remote Visitation


Visit the ones you love in a facility over tie internet for a small fee. You must have a compatible device and download the Securus Technologies visitation app. Get a clear picture and optimum sound with remote visits.


Go directly to the Securus Technologies website for more details on your new or existing account today.


Organo Gold steps to the forefront

The world of coffee is perhaps more competitive than people realize. There are all kinds of companies from all over the globe that are attempting to get into the business and be successful right away. While most of these companies are not having the same kind of success that they had been hoping for, it turns out that Organo Gold is one of those firms that has managed to pinpoint exactly what it needs to do in order to have a great deal of success in the coffee business.

Organo Gold has managed to carve out a niche for itself because it understands fully just how lucrative the coffee market really is. It has taken what makes the market so big and full and has managed to make a marketing approach to it. Now the Canadian coffee company is stepping out in the world and making a name for itself by offering a multilevel marketing structure to organizations and retailers that offer up the company’s products. View Organo Gold’s profile on

Organo Gold has taken what it has seen from other companies that offer products directly and given that approach its own spin. The firm does not go through retailers and coffeehouses. Instead if offers up its products that work by selling Organo wholesale. When these people sell the Organo Gold products, they get a 50 percent commission on everything they have sold. In this regard, they are able to start up their own business and make money in a burgeoning market with a product that is among the best of the best.

What really makes Organo Gold different is that the company combines its special coffee beans with a kind of mushroom that is supposed to have a number of healthy properties. At the center of the coffee is the herb that is derived from the mushroom called reishi. Reishi is reported to have properties that control cholesterol and even fights off viruses. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

The company doesn’t just offer coffee. For those who want to be health conscious, Organo Gold also offers a kind of green tea that has the same kind of healing properties as the coffee. Reishi is what the firm has built its business around. There is very little doubt that this is the thing that has set them apart in the coffee world. Reishi is also the thing that allows wholesalers to tell people that this is a product that really is different from what they’ve seen before.

That approach is what has reportedly generated more than $35 million for Organo Gold worldwide. If that is indeed the approach that is making tens of millions of dollars, it seems like the firm would be hard pressed to change its approach moving forward.


Sussex Healthcare And Dementia

Since 1985, Sussex Healthcare Jobs is a company dedicated to helping patients and training professional staff to meet the needs of healthcare system. Their headquarters are located in Warham, England. They have multiple and convenient locations. They offer many different services, such as elderly homes, dementia care, neurological care, Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities and the job listing for medical professionals.

In December 2017, Sussex Healthcare appointed a new CEO, Amanda-Morgan Taylor. The company has a website, where customers and aspiring medical professionals can contact Sussex Healthcare through email or their phone number. Sussex offers many recreational activities such as game rooms and a gym. They offer living arrangements for patients to live near their facilities. Sussex Healthcare received accreditation in Health Quality service in 2002 and Investors in People Standard in 2003. As well, it is the only United Kingdom healthcare service to had dual accreditation in Health Quality Service and the international stand, ISO 9000:2000. One of the services, provide by this company, is working with Dementia patients.

Read more: Sussex Healthcare Excels in Meeting Complex Nursing Home Challenges

Sussex Healthcare is trained in treating people with Dementia. They have many nursing homes where Dementia patients can live. Sussex is dedicated to offering a safe and comfortable place, where Dementia patients can learn to live with their disease. These homes are massive and beautiful buildings. They have beautiful gardens, where patients can go for a walk and beautiful scenery for patients to enjoy. They have around the clock trained nurses and specialists. These medical professionals are dedicated to treating their patients and their health is their top priority. The specialists help their patient through various therapies such as physiotherapy. They have single rooms for each Dementia patient. The staff tries to learn about their patients on a individual level, so they can make a personalized treatment plan. They also try to surround their patients with items from their past to help them remember days that they have forgotten. They have recreational activities such as reminiscence sessions, handcrafts, cookery, and art therapy. The meals for these homes are prepared by professional chefs with only the freshest ingredients. Sussex Healthcare understands that nutrition is a very important of their patient’s recovery. They can be contacted by their phone number or through email for any potential customer or existing customer. Sussex is helping Dementia patients to deal with their disease and helping them to try to remember the days that they have forgotten.